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Searching for Unclaimed Money

The amount of unclaimed money can vary from state to state, but some estimates put the total value of unclaimed property in the United States at around 30 billion dollars.

All states have an unclaimed property department, but the specifics for making a claim will vary from state to state. The easiest way to connect with the program in your state is to enter the name you are searching for on the box to the right. Unclaimed-cash.org will locate the correct unclaimed search database for your state so that you can easily find property under your name or the name of a friend or relative.

If you find unclaimed money in your search you will need to follow your states guidelines for making a claim. Typically you will need to print several state documents and fill those out and also provide some sort of identification for your state to verify the claim.

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Types of Unclaimed Property

  • Overpaid Utility Bills
  • Utility Bill Deposits
  • Forgotten Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Bank Accounts
  • Escrow Accounts
  • Bonds and Stocks
  • Insurance Policies
  • Trust funds and dividends
  • CDs and Mutual Funds
  • Uncashed Checks
  • Wages
  • Unclaimed Inheritance

Every so often, a TV or news story does a piece about unclaimed property. When this happens, it stirs up a lot of interest in unclaimed property along a flurry of people trying to find out if they have any. Eventually, the activity dies down, but whether it receives press or not, the fact remains that unclaimed property exists in every state in the United States. Sometimes referred to as abandoned property, it adds up to a huge stockpile of unclaimed valuables just waiting to be returned to its rightful owner.

Have you ever left a job abruptly and never received your last check? Ever felt that a dividend or royalty payment for a particular year seemed too low? You just might have unclaimed property waiting for you in your state's coffers.

Where does Unclaimed Money and Property come from?

Unclaimed property is found with financial institutions in both accounts and safety deposit boxes, insurance companies, businesses, public agencies and businesses. After a certain period, it is turned over to the state and held in trust.

What is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed or abandoned money refers to property for which there has been no documented contact, activity or transaction involving the original owners for a year or longer. Unclaimed property can refer to cash from bank accounts (checking and savings), the contents of safety deposit boxes, uncashed dividends, stocks and bonds that have gone unclaimed or have been abandoned. Other types of unclaimed property can include government refunds, uncollected insurance policy proceeds, utility deposits, unredeemed money orders, trust distributions, customer overpayments, some royalty payments and unclaimed wages from past jobs. Unclaimed property does not include physical property such as land, houses, cars or boats. (Generally, no military medal or other honor can be sold or auctioned as unclaimed property.)

Unclaimed Money Search Instructions and Contact Info By State