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Unclaimed Property - Where does it originate from and how much is available?

Every U. S. state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, British Columbia, the U. S. Virgin Islands and Alberta and Quebec, Canada all have unclaimed programs that work to actively locate the owners of unclaimed property and assets that have either been forgotten or left in the name of somebody who is deceased. For instance, in line with the National Unclaimed Property Database (NUPD), a Boston man recovered 1000 shares of stock valued at $4 million. Most would not have lost money or stock may possibly quite as valuable, but totals mount up in a hurry and might from between hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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Millions Of Unclaimed Funds Can Be Found Through State Search Databases

Maybe you have had a bank-account that you forgot to close before moving? Or perhaps you'd paid extra on certain utility bills to the stage where there is a positive balance, but then you switched to some other utility provider and the account was closed without you ever receiving a payment for the excess balance you paid? Or perhaps you've got a relative who gifted you some property before loss of life?

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Deceased Relatives and Unclaimed Money

The Missouri state treasurer awarded a massive amount of cash to a woman in Kansas City, the payout set the highest recorded amount of unclaimed property ever in the history of the state--and possibly the country's--history. The lady, who kept her identity anonymous for privacy reasons, received a fantastic $6.1 million from the state.

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